There are so many videos out there right now that talk about how this generation of kids are lazy, entitled, and don’t work hard. The hard truth is that the vast majority of kids that we come into contact with each day are great kids working hard to accomplish their goals.

As this video points out, as basketball coaches, we are fortunate enough to come into contact with hundreds upon hundreds of kids in our time coaching. When we reflect on our times with those kids, we almost exclusively remember the good times & the great kids we were fortunate enough to work with.

However – the majority of coverage that you see from coaches right now is when they’re talking about the entitlement of kids, or kids that don’t want to work hard. This video is to combat that and let those kids that are working hard toward their dreams know that their work isn’t going unnoticed.

Basketball Players: Different Than What’s Portrayed

Basketball coaches and players: let us know your thoughts on this in the comments!


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