In the video below, Coach A highlights one of his favorite quick hitters against the 2-3 zone that has teams scrambling to get out of the zone because of the wide open looks his team gets out of this! Check out the video below for a great play to add to your zone offense playbook!

A few quick pointers to remember for this zone offense:

  • The guy sealing the middle guy of the zone must not stay in the lane for too long
  • The point guard HAS to read the outside guy on the bottom of the zone.
    • If he chooses to guard the guy on the inside, the guard will be open on the baseline for a 3.
    • If he chooses to guard the guy on the outside, your wing should be open for a wide-open layup.
  • Your point guard must make good passes & force the top guys in the zone to guard him.

Let us know your thoughts on this play in the comments!

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