The Ultimate Membership for 

Basketball Coaches

Membership Features

Downloadable Resources

Dozens of downloads to help grow your database of plays, drills, workouts, strategies, and more!

Weekly Courses

New courses weekly that help you expand your mind and help your coaching. Topics include mental training, communication, practice planning, scouting, team building, social media, and much more!

Practice Planning & Scouting  Report App

Create practice plans and scouting reports in just minutes right from your device! Pick and choose your drills and times and PDF spits out when you're done! Save yourself HOURS of time planning!

Coaching Community Forum

Join a community of your fellow coaches on the forums and talk about different strategies, tips, plays, etc. Nobody knows what it's like to be a coach besides other coaches!

Office Hours

Join us every week for live office hours, in which we'll talk about what's on your mind as a basketball coach. We can talk strategy, different plays, or life in general. We're here to help!

Constant Updates

This isn't a membership that you join and it's stagnant. We will constantly be updating our resources, our weekly mini lessons, and are engaging on the forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee?

The basketball coaching membership has a FREE 7 day trial, and then is $4.99/month. That equals out to $0.16 per day. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! We're confident that you will love your membership so much that cancelling won't even cross your mind.

What can I expect from this membership?

You can expect constantly updated resources, courses, apps, and a community of your fellow coaches. It is the best bang for your buck you will ever get as a coach!

Why a membership?

You can go to all of the other basketball sites and buy countless DVDs for $50-$60 a piece, and they only teach you one aspect of the game. With our membership, you get a well-rounded curriculum that is constantly updated. It's way better than a standalone video.


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