Ugly. No other way to put it, honestly. Duke owned this game from the tip - and frankly - IU looked completely outmanned.

Duke is as talented of a team as we've probably ever seen in college basketball, but I was still disappointed to see the lack of 'fight' in the Hoosiers from the jump. Several players played timid and Duke smelled blood in the water.

Typically, I try to focus these film breakdowns on positives I saw from the Hoosiers on the film, but there wasn't a lot of that in this one.

Instead - I mostly look at flaws I saw in IU's game that made this one a blowout from pretty much start to finish.

Our hope is to do these for as many games as we can to help you go more in-depth with what the Hoosiers are doing.

Zion Williamson Left Hand

Something I continually found myself questioning throughout the game was why IU kept letting Zion Williamson get back to his left hand – where he’s definitely more comfortable. That’s not to say that he’s completely useless going right, but he’s definitely not as comfortable. Instead, the IU players let him get the ball back into his left hand over-and-over, and Williamson made them pay.

Juwan Morgan 2nd Foul

As bad as IU started – Romeo Langford got a putback bucket to pull the Hoosiers within 11-6 just 4 minutes into the game. I thought it was an opportunity for IU to finally settle down and get into a groove offensively and defensively. Instead – the entire of the trajectory changed exactly 5 seconds later.

IU was slow getting back on defense after the Langford bucket and Duke quickly pushed the ball up the floor. Juwan Morgan was a step late and ended up picking up his 2nd foul of the game before the first media timeout. For IU to have had a chance to compete in this game, they needed Morgan to step up. Instead, he had to head to the bench less than four minutes into the game.

Justin Smith Offensive Foul

This play was frustrating to watch because Justin Smith quite literally tried to take on the entire Duke team and picked up an easy offensive foul. As you can see in the video, Smith had 4 Duke players collapse on him. Instead of trying to take all of them on and picking up the offensive foul, Smith could have jumpstopped and had three different guys wide open that he could have hit.

Transition Turnover

This play kind of summarizes IU’s entire night. They had an opportunity to cut into Duke’s lead with a 3-on-1 transition break. Al Durham simply had to hit Romeo Langford the exact moment the Duke player committed to him, but instead, he decided to throw the pass late. The late pass was behind Langford – and instead of converting an easy 3-on-1 fast break, the Hoosiers had added yet another turnover to the statistics.

Turnover and Sulk

This type of play drives a coach mad. The turnover was extremely careless and I’m not exactly sure what Justin Smith was thinking when he tried to throw the ball to Langford as he had a Duke player in front of him. But that wasn’t even the worst part. As soon as Smith turned the ball over, he hangs his head and begins to lightly jog back on defense. To add insult to injury, Duke converted the turnover into an and-1.

There’s no question that Archie was frustrated with Smith and he immediately pulled him out of the game – rightfully so.

Morgan to Fitzner for 3

This was one of the few bright spots I chose to highlight in this film breakdown. IU made a nice post feed to their best big man – which was a rarity. But what I really liked to see was that Fitzner spaced himself out to the opposite corner – which forced the guy guarding him to make a decision. He either had to leave Fitzner open in the corner, or go guard Fitzner and let Morgan take his man one-on-one in the post. Fitzner’s man chose to help on Morgan and Morgan found Fitzner in the corner and he knocked down the 3.

No Post Feed

This play was one of several in which the Hoosiers played timid and out of character – and it ultimately led to another turnover. In this clip, Juwan Morgan has his man pinned behind him in the post. With a player of Morgan’s caliber posting his man up and having him pinned behind him, there’s no excuse not to feed him.

Instead of feeding Morgan, Phinisee attempts to throw a crosscourt bounce pass, which results in the turnover.

Yeah – not exactly an encouraging film breakdown, which I’m sure was expected after the beatdown in Cameron Indoor. It was all Duke from start to finish, and hopefully this game was an eye-opener for the Hoosiers that they still have a long way to go.

Be sure to check all of our film breakdowns that we’ve done in the past, and those we’ll continue to do as the Big Ten season opens up.

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