This is another one of our favorite basketball shooting drills as it encompasses several different game-like cuts.

Players Needed: This is a team shooting drill, so you’ll need at least 4-6 guys.

Performing the Drill: You’ll need a line on each wing to run this shooting drill.

shooting drill

The first cut the players execute is a curl cut to the opposite block. The player should set up the cut with a v-cut before performing the curl.

shooting drill

The second cut the players will perform is a curl cut to the free throw line for a shot. Players should focus on their footwork here and squaring up to the basket before they shoot the ball. They also should not let their momentum make them fade one way or the other, they should shoot straight up and down.

shooting drill

On this cut, the players should set up their man with a v-cut high, and then backdoor cut for a layup.

shooting drill

The last cut in this series is a v-cut to the elbow and flair out to the wing for a shot.

In this drill, players execute four different cuts:

  • Curl for a layup
  • Curl for a shot
  • Backdoor cut for a layup
  • Flair cut for a shot

Points of emphasis

In this drill, players should always be communicating which cut they are doing. In a game situation, the passer won’t know what cut the player is doing, so they should get in the habit of yelling out their cuts each time they make them.

The passers should also focus on making great passes to the cutters’ shooting pockets. They should not be lazy passes, as those bad habits will transform over to a game.

Drill variations

As your players get more comfortable with this drill and the cuts, and you can begin to add defense to the cutters. This forces the offense to read how the defense is guarding them and making the proper cuts.

  • The defense trails behind – the player should curl cut
  • The defense overplays the denial – the player should backdoor cut
  • The defense goes over the top of a screen – the player should flair cut

This is a great drill to help read defenses and raise your players’ basketball IQ.

Looking for more drills to add to your practices? Check out our page, ‘37 Basketball Drills for Coaches.’

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