We posed a question on our Twitter account that asked: “What’s the most valuable piece of coaching advice you’ve ever received?” The responses we received tackled several different topics and we wanted to be sure to share them with our audience.

Some of the valuable coaching advice that coaches across the globe said they received:

“A coach is a teacher. A teacher would never show up to school without a lesson plan.”

“It doesn’t matter how much you know. It matters what the players apply.”

“Steal from the good coaches.”

Coaching is all about relationships.”

“Before anything basketball related, you must love your players and not be afraid to show them.”

“Be honest with your players. They will respect you more even if the message is hard for them to take.”

“You can run the prettiest plays in the world, but at the end of the day, you have to make a basket. Practice shooting – a lot!”

Coaching is about relationships. Build a relationship and invest in your players. Create a culture. Accountability is expected from the guys and should also be expected from you and your staff. Coaching is bigger than ball, create life lessons.”

Don’t just find a way to win. Find a way to grow and improve each individual as a player and a person.”

When it comes to games , trust that you have prepared them well enough to play.”

Success would never be immediate, even in winning a championship. It’d be in 5-10 years when my players come back and say thank you for something that had nothing to do with basketball.”

The 5 P’s. Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”

Longevity & success in coaching requires one to learn how to be flexible w/o losing your core beliefs!”

“The more your players have to think, the slower they get.”

When dealing with kids from urban backgrounds, earn their trust first by showing them you care! Once they know you care about them, they will run thru a brick wall for you!”

Teach your players HOW to play instead of WHAT to run.”

Pretty great stuff, huh? I know I certainly enjoyed reading the responses. So much great advice!

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