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37 Basketball Drills for Coaches

When you’re coaching basketball, it’s important that you use drills that will challenge your players, yet also keep practices fresh so that players don’t get bored running the same drills over and over everyday. It’s why we put together this comprehensive resource of over 40 basketball drills for coaches, because Read more…


Basketball Shooting Drill: Read The D

This is another one of our favorite basketball shooting drills as it encompasses several different game-like cuts. Players Needed: This is a team shooting drill, so you’ll need at least 4-6 guys. Performing the Drill: You’ll need a line on each wing to run this shooting drill. The first cut the players execute Read more…

Free 20 Minute Ballhandling Workout Video

This free 20 minute ballhandling workout video takes you through: Stationary ballhandling drills Two ball dribbling drills Tennis ball ballhandling work Agility ladder ballhandling Cone finishing drill And much more! Let us know what you think in the comments! Would love to answer any questions that you have.