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37 Basketball Drills

A comprehensive resource for basketball coaches looking to add drills to their practices and player development workouts.

33 Basketball Plays

33 Basketball Plays that will help your team score more points! Man-to-man, zone, and baseline out of bounds plays.

Coaching Basketball | Everything a Basketball Coach Needs to Know

Our ultimate resource with everything you need to coach basketball.


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Teaching the Dribble Drive Motion Offense (Video & eBook Bundle)

A complete video breakdown of the dribble drive motion offense + a 51-page eBook!

Coaching Youth Basketball: The Ultimate Toolbox

A 77-page comprehensive toolbox on coaching youth basketball.

Basketball Shooting: A Guide To Create Great Shooters

A 65-page comprehensive guide on how to create great shooters!

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37 Basketball Drills for Coaches

When you’re coaching basketball, it’s important that you use drills that will challenge your players, yet also keep practices fresh so that players don’t get bored running the same drills over and over everyday. It’s Read more…

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